Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scripture Engagement for Worship - Lent 2C

During Lent, I've been experimenting with engaging the congregation in responding to the scripture reading. Inspired by the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, and focusing the Lenten season on "listening for God and listening to one another," I wanted to find a way to practice this in worship. So, here's a bit about what we've been doing:

Lent 2C (February 24, 2013). Focus Scripture: Luke 13:31-35

Introduction to Reading and Instructions for Listening:

Last week we read the temptation story using the ancient practice of lectio divina - which means “sacred reading.” You shared words and phrases that stood out to you. This week, I’d like to invite you to pay attention to your feelings: I will begin with a moment of silence, so that we can center ourselves and be ready to listen. Then I will read the scripture slowly. Rather than meditating on a particular word or phrase, pay attention to the emotions that the text leaves you with. Sit with those feelings, and share how you are feeling with God. Let us prepare our hearts to listen for a word from our still speaking God...

Next Step:

Leave at least a full minute of silence for people to reflect. Then, invite them, as they feel led, to share the feeling/emotion they are left with. Be clear that if someone already said "your" feeling, you can repeat it. The scribe will make a notation of those called out by multiple people. If you are the only one who has a microphone, it can be helpful to the scribe (and to all present) to repeat what each person says.

Important - Ahead of time, ask a member of your congregation to be a "scribe" to write down people's responses and give or send you the list afterward. Alternately, you can walk around with a smart phone and record responses, but this creates more work later.

Sermon Reflection:

I keep my sermons under 10 minutes so that there's plenty of time for the scripture engagement piece.

Follow Up:

This is the really fun part! After you get the list of words and phrases from your scribe, create a word cloud that visually depicts the responses. I like Tagxedo for its ease of use and variety of shapes. Here's the one I made for the second week. Don't forget to send it by email and post on your social media sites!

Note: I chose a heron for this week because, while the text uses the image of a hen gathering her brood under her wing, I used the following video of a heron protecting her eggs from an owl for the children's time. 

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