Friday, July 24, 2009

An Exercise in Self-Love

Poem written for a presentation on Womanist theology

I love my body!

I love my skin color, my hair, my eyes.

They are beautiful.

Not because anybody else said so,

But because they are mine,

And I am beautiful.

I love my blonde, hard-to-see eyebrows

My mouth that doesn't eat meat

My vocal chords that let me sing

I love my breasts, one a little bigger than the other

My hips, one a little higher than the other

The dimples on my rear end

My life-giving womb,

My pleasure-giving genitals

I love my asthmatic lungs

My arthritic ribcage

I love my heart

And my dark, dark liver.

I love the scar on my knee from falling off my bike

The calluses on my heels because I love to wear sandals

I love the arches in my feet

And every single one of my toes.

I love my body!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, Manda. Thank you, this is lovely and very powerful.